Friday, January 13, 2012


Name Inspiration: Found on a Baby Name website. Gaelic in origin, pronounced Shivawn.
Class: Imperial Agent
Advanced Class: Sniper
Spec: Marksmanship
Alignment (traditional): Lawful Neutral 
Alignment (game)Neutral
Romance: Every mother-effin' body

Although I couldn't find an exact match, Siobhan most closely resembles the Judge, Jury, and Executioner trope. Her loyalty lies with the Empire, but not necessarily it's representatives. She has no qualms about going against orders if she feels her superiors are using her to advance their own agendas rather than the Empire's. She is not a fan of needless killing as she believes those left alive could prove useful in the future. However, it is better they "disappear" than help the enemy. She prefers to go about her business secretly and silently, and looks down upon the showy nature of Bounty Hunters. When possible she uses guile rather than force to further her goals as it's often less messy. She is not above using her sexuality to her advantage, with seduction kept near the top of her bag of tricks. She often infiltrates new surroundings by effortlessly conforming to others' expectations, and thus easily earns their trust. Everyone thinks she works for them and that's the way she likes it.

Siobhan didn't actually evolve until I started playing her. Unlike Tamsin and Jaliyah I didn't want to be restricted by light side or dark side on my IA. I have actually turned off the ability to see which choices lead to points on one side or the other to prevent me from using that as a crutch. I was surprised how easily I was able to figure out who she was as I had such a difficult time with Tamsin.